Common Reasons to Sell Gold

Gold is gold is gold.

Whether it is in the form of fine jewelry, bullion, coin, or even teeth, it is still gold and that means it holds intrinsic value. This value cannot be taken away by the shape or form of your gold item because at the end of the day, you can melt it for the gold it’s worth.

Gold is one of the oldest commodities and has always been bought or sold for a variety of reasons. However, there are some fairly new trends in the reasons to sell gold and gold items, which we will discuss in some detail.

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Reasons to Sell Gold

Here are some of the strongest and most trending reasons for people to sell gold and gold items around the world.

  • Increase In the Value of Gold

The value of precious metals has increased over the last decade and gold is one precious metal that has seen a substantial increase during this time. Gold has more than tripled in value over the last decade and it is a great time to cash in on any old, unwanted gold jewelry, bullion, or coins you may have.

It is not hard to see why many people choose to sell gold when the market is up. 

They have unwanted gold items and they realize the healthy profits they can make by selling them. The best part is that if you have used, worn out, or even damaged gold jewelry, it still holds its value.

You can sell the damaged gold jewelry and still get its worth in weight. 

How many other worn-out or damaged items can you think of that sell for such high prices? 

This makes the sizeable return on your gold items an excellent incentive to get rid of all the used, damaged, or unwanted gold you have. 

Why stock something you have no use for when you can sell it and make a good profit on it?

  • Environmental Impact.

Mining for gold is not the most environmentally friendly practice and it has a relatively large carbon footprint. Luckily, gold is recyclable, and old gold items can be melted down to create new gold items. 

This is important for the rapidly growing segment of conscious consumers.

When you sell gold items, which are either unwanted or damaged, you are helping reduce the carbon footprint of gold mining. There is little to no chance that your gold item will be resold intact.

It will most certainly be melted to create newer gold items. This recycles your gold and reduces the need for mining while giving you a generous profit. The environmental benefits of recycling gold have become a strong reason for people to sell gold and gold items.

  • Jewelry Is Not What it Used to Be

Unless you have branded, designer inherited, or antique gold jewelry, which is typically handmade and holds historical value, your jewelry does not have much luster. 

Gone are the days when only artisans would make handcrafted jewelry pieces.

These days, the majority of the jewelry you encounter is mass-produced on assembly lines. This makes it much less valuable outside of the intrinsic value of the precious metal and stones used in it. Similar to fast fashion, modern jewelry goes in and out of style fairly quickly.

This results in out-of-style gold jewelry just taking up space in your home and life. 

People often sell gold items like this and take the profits to either buy newer gold items or use the profits for a different purpose in their lives.

  • Divorces

Divorces are a major reason to sell gold items and the increase in the number of divorces has only increased the number of people who want to sell gold items they got in their divorce settlements.

There are also broken engagements that result in ex-partners getting rid of their jewelry. There is no longer a stigma around selling such rings or jewelry because if you are not happy in your relationship, and people are profiting from them more than ever.

The decision to sell gold items or anything from a broken engagement or marriage can be a way to move on for many people and there is nothing wrong with that.

We Can Help!

There are plenty of other reasons to sell gold and the mentioned ones are simply reasons that have started trending in recent years. There are always people who sell gold for business investment purposes, to start a fund for their kids’ education, or to simply pay off an old debt.

Whatever your reason may be, it is a great time to sell gold and you can make a healthy profit because of the current market value of gold.

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