Do This Before Selling Your Diamonds in Aventura

Before you sell your diamonds to a diamond buyer in Aventura, thoroughly research each establishment. Unfortunately, not all diamond buyers are reputable; there are many scams and buyers who give the lowest offer for valuables.

The more you know, the less people will be able to take advantage of you.

We’ll share insights on how to sell your diamond to a reputable buyer near you. Keep reading to learn more!

Get Your Diamond Appraised

Learn everything you can about your diamond before selecting a diamond buyer in Aventura. It’s recommended that you have it appraised beforehand. An appraisal provides a detailed description and value of the item you wish to sell.

Appraisals are generally performed by a certified appraiser who can analyze the diamond’s carat, color, clarity, and cut to accurately determine its value.

If you want to know the diamond’s resale price, ask the appraiser. Otherwise, the appraiser will only share the item’s current value.

However, no matter who you sell your diamond to, you likely will not get what you paid for it.

If you think you will need help selling your jewelry, some appraisers can refer you to reputable establishments to sell your item. Appraisers typically have years of experience and good connections that can be to your advantage.

Make sure they don’t charge a high percentage for the sale price.

However, if you’re located in Aventura, our team at Cashing Diamonds is reputable with years of industry experience. We would love to do business with you. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Selling Online vs In-Store 

Many people like to sell their jewelry online because it's convenient. However, the Better Business Bureau receives several complaints about online buyers scamming clients. In many cases, online sellers have:

  • Significantly underpaid for jewelry
  • Didn’t return the item after the seller rejected their offer
  • Never sent payment for the item

If selling online, use extreme caution.

However, selling in-person to a reputable jewelry shop, such as Cashing Diamonds, is the preferred option. It’s recommended to choose a premier diamond buying and selling venue instead of a pawn shop. In most cases, they can offer you a better value than a pawn shop and they have more experience handling valuable diamonds.

Cashing Diamonds is a reliable venue to obtain a fair price for your valuables.

Our team consists of some of the most experienced individuals in the industry and we always give our patrons a fair quote for their belongings.

Shop Around 

When looking for a diamond buyer in Aventura, it’s recommended to visit at least three shops to compare prices. Don’t be afraid to haggle with the diamond buyer to get a better price. In almost every situation, the diamond buyer will accept your counter offer, so when you sell jewelry in Aventura, decline the initial offer if it feels too low.

Just make sure you’re keeping your expectations realistic. For example, if you purchased the diamond for $5,000, expect to receive 1/3 or ½ that amount. In fact, that would be an exceptionally good deal.

Prove Its Value 

Diamond buyers like to see proof of the diamond’s quality, such as receipts and a certificate from a reliable third party, like GIA. At Cashing Diamonds, we use GIA to grade your valuable items, and we’re confident that they are the best grading lab in the world.

Additionally, documentation proves how much the diamond is worth, which can help you get a better offer.

Make It Sparkle 

How does your diamond jewelry look?

f it has been collecting dust for years, make sure to clean it. You can do this yourself or have it done professionally. Cleaning your jewelry won’t necessarily get you a better deal, but first impressions are important.

You want your jewelry to look its best before selling it to a diamond buyer in Aventura.

Contact Cashing Diamonds 

Now that you know what it takes to successfully find a diamond buyer in Aventura, we hope you find success selling your valuables. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, contact our office. We’ll be happy to discuss how we purchase valuables at a fair, honest price. Call 305-934-1318 or use our contact form to get in touch.

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