Here Are 4 Signs That It’s Time to Part With Your Old or Unwanted Jewelry

Saying goodbye to old or unwanted jewelry can be hard sometimes, especially depending on the history. Maybe you’ve had it for some time and it’s been passed down through generations. Or, there may be pleasant memories associated with the jewelry piece that you’ve been holding on to. We know shifting to the mindset of out with the old and in with the new is easier said than done. But, it’s much easier when you know you can get some money back for your jewelry.

Here at Cashing Diamonds, you can sell your unwanted jewelry in Aventura and get paid the same day. If you have any old or unwanted jewelry lying around, feel free to bring it in, and we’ll appraise it on the spot and offer you a price. And if you aren’t sure of exactly what to sell and what to keep, we got you covered with that too! Keep reading for four signs that it’s time to part with your old or unwanted jewelry.

  1. You Never Wear It

The first sign that it’s time to get rid of something is when you find that you’re never wearing it or using it. There’s no point in having unused jewelry sitting around and taking up space if you never wear it or have no plans to in the future. With that in mind, we suggest going through your jewelry and thinking back to the last time you wore the piece. If it’s been over a year, it’s time to consider selling it. Even if you have worn in in the past year, but only once or twice, it’s not a bad idea to consider selling it. The only exception to this suggestion is if there is some form of sentimental meaning behind the piece. If not, there is no real reason to hold onto it.

  1. Bad Memories

Okay, so we know that keeping unworn jewelry is understandable when they have sentimental value. But what if the memories behind it are sentimental and negative? Some examples could be an engagement ring or jewelry given to you by an ex-partner or friend. In this situation, getting rid of it isn’t a bad idea especially if it gets rid of the memories as well. Instead keeping it tucked away and hidden, consider selling them and being compensated for it. What gives you bad memories may be able to bring joy to someone else.

  1. You Have Too Much Jewelry

Maybe you do wear most of your jewelry often. But, you are always getting more. If you are constantly shopping around and getting new jewelry, then it’s time to get rid of some of the old pieces. Even if you wear them from time to time, you will probably find that you start to wear them less and less. The new jewelry pieces will start to replace the older ones, and you’ll find that your collection is much more manageable!

  1. You Have No Attachments to the Jewelry

Sometimes we wear our jewelry and kind of like it enough to keep it around and throw it on every now and then. We buy the pieces because we like them, but we rarely seek them out and use them daily. If this sounds like you, then consider selling your jewelry!

You never know how much you can get. And with the money, you can buy new jewelry pieces that you like more. If you are unsure how you feel about your current “meh” pieces, it’s never a bad idea to stop into one of our South Florida locations stores to browse our collection of jewelry.

Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry in Aventura Today!
If any of the above signs relate to you, it may be time to get your jewelry appraised and consider selling it. You never know how much you can get for something and what you may find something you like more while in our store. Give yourself some time to check out all of your pieces and evaluate how often you wear them. If you can’t even remember the last time you wore something, it’s a sure sign that it’s got to go. But before getting rid of it, come to Cashing Diamonds to see if you can get money for it. To learn more about the appraising process, and selling your unwanted jewelry, click here to find a location near you!