Here Are the Factors a Diamond Buyer in Aventura Looks at to Determine the Value of Your Diamonds

The pandemic is hurting diamond prices, with demand falling last year and recovering in 2021. There are challenges from the closing of mines and exporting them from different countries around the world. 

Prices are coming back strong, with those countries that are reopening showing an appetite for diamonds. These increases are good news for those who want to sell to a diamond buyer in Aventura

But before rushing down and seeing how much you can get, it is critical to know what factors matter most to the buyer. 

Understanding what they are looking for is the key to finding a buyer that will give you a fair price to sell jewelry in Aventura. 

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What We Look For

Anytime you are selling a diamond, the buyer carefully looks at different factors to determine its worth. They study the diamond and give you a price that reflects changes in the markets and their ability to resell it. The factors below will let you know what factors matter the most and will be most impactful to the value of your diamonds. 


The buyer measures the weight of the diamond in carats, which are metric units of 200 milligrams. Every carat is divided involving 100 points to allow the accurate measurement to a hundredth of a decimal point. Anything below one carat is listed in points to give you the precise weight and size of the diamond. 

For example, a diamond weighing .25 carats is quoted to you at 25 points to show the weight. A diamond that weighs 1.08 is quoted as one point eight carats, which increases the value of the diamond. The more it weighs and the larger the stone, and the higher your diamonds are worth. The higher the carats, the more favorably someone looks at a diamond, which leads to even bigger quotes. 

The Cut

A diamond buyer in Aventura looks at the cut, the polishing, proportion, and depth in determining the price. It is not so much the shape of the diamond, such as pear or oval form, but the ways it shines and its brightness. 

When a jeweler refers to a well-cut diamond, they mean it is white-looking and has a shiny reflection. 

A diamond with a poor cut looks dull, and no shine reflects at you. 


A scale methandienone cycle for women of D through Z is used to rate the color of diamonds; anything from D through M represents those sold at retail locations. The lower it is on the alphabetic scale, the lesser quality of the color in valuing the diamond.  

Typically, anything rated from N through Z is used for industrial purposes with less shine to the diamond. A diamond buyer will use this scale to decide how much they are willing to pay for it. 

To the naked eye, all diamonds look the same, but a buyer will look at it closer to see where it rates on the scale. 

They use these ratings in determining the amount they are willing to pay you for the diamond. 


The clarity is how shiny the diamond appears on a scale of IF to I; IF stands for internally flawless, and I represent included. The further up on the scale, the more the diamond is worth, which determines how much the buyer is willing to pay. 

Cashing Diamonds Will Buy Your Diamonds in Aventura, Fl

These are some of the factors a diamond buyer in Aventura will consider when looking at your diamonds. Call Cashing Diamonds today at 305-934-1318 to see how much your diamonds are worth. 

We have been serving South Florida residents for years and we will give you the best offer for your diamonds in Aventura. Give us a call or stop by our location for a free estimate!

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