How to Sell Your Antique Jewelry for a Fair Price

Is your jewelry box stuffed with antiques you no longer use but don’t know what to do with? It can be difficult to sell antiques in Aventura. The industry is spotted with bad apples – jewelry buyers who purchase your heirlooms for a fraction of what they’re worth. It isn’t easy navigating the luxury jewelry market, and untrustworthy buyers don’t make it any easier. Knowing the challenges people face, the team at Cashing Diamonds has come up with a buying guide to sell your antique jewelry at the right price.

Is your jewelry antique?

The world of luxury jewelry is vast and complex. For example, there is a difference between vintage jewelry and antique jewelry, although some people may not know this. Antique jewelry is any item that is at least 100 years old. So, as of writing this article, if your jewelry was made in 1921 or earlier, then it is considered antique. If your jewelry was made in the 1930s, it’s certainly old but is considered vintage. Vintage jewelry is any item that’s at least 20 years old. For the record, we at Cashing Diamonds buy both antique and vintage jewelry.

Now that you understand what makes jewelry antique, let’s find out how to sell them.

Look at its condition

The very first thing you should do is check the condition of the jewelry. If it’s extremely worn, scratched or damaged in any way, then you may not get the price you want for it. It’s not advised to restore the jewelry, as this is costly and it’s possible that you will spend more on restoring the heirloom than the jeweler is willing to pay you for it. Additionally, if the jeweler can tell that the piece was restored, this can lower the value.

Get the jewelry appraised

If you believe the jewelry is valuable and could be worth a lot, you may benefit from getting it appraised. Keep in mind, this is a gamble and a costly one at that. A written appraisal can cost you hundreds of dollars if the jewelry is found to be worth thousands. Appraisals have a way of “tricking” people into thinking their item is worth more than its current value, as appraisals are typically higher than the retail price. Therefore, don’t assume you are getting ripped off if a jeweler tries to buy it from you at a fraction of the price.

Always keep the written appraisal and take it with you to the venue where you can sell antiques in Aventura. If you have additional information that might be important, let the buyer know. You should give them as much information as you can on the item. If you’re selling diamond jewelry, in addition to getting it appraised, you should take it to a gemological lab to receive a grading certificate. This will provide you with detailed information on the diamonds:

  • Weight
  • Cut quality
  • Clarity
  • Color

This will give you a good idea of the diamond’s value before you try selling it to a diamond buyer in Aventura. You can bring your items to Cashing Diamonds to have them appraised, or you can get this done from an unbiased third party.

As you may have guessed by our name, one of the most common items that we buy for cash is diamonds. We will inspect it, determine authenticity and pay you quick cash.

Sell antiques locally

A safe and convenient way to sell your jewelry is to visit a local (reputable) jeweler or selling venue. For example, if you live in Aventura, find a location to sell antiques in Aventura, like Cashing Diamonds. It’s preferable if you have frequented the shop in the past and have a relationship with the staff. If that isn’t the case, make sure to do your research online and ask around if possible. Go to multiple venues in the area and then pick the best offer. Selling locally should be your first consideration, not just because it’s convenient, but also, you’re more likely to get a fair price in cash, not just store credit.

Contact Cashing Diamonds

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