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Each day, we deal with thousands of people who want to sell their jewelry and enrich their life with the funds. As a result, we offer a couple of different methods for you to sell your jewelry easily and pain-free. The first way is to stop in at one of our many locations around the world to get a professional jewelry buyer, in-person appraisal and consultation so that you can learn about your jewelry and get a same-day cash offer. If all goes well, you can walk in with your jewelry and walk out with cash. Alternatively, you can ship your jewelry to us and we will send you a personalized and professional appraisal with our cash offer. If you are looking for a buyers of jewelry to get the best prices for your jewelry, call us today to set up one of these arrangements! Call our hotline today: 305-934-1318 or use our contact form to get in touch!

We buy all fine jewelry

Even if you don’t know much about your jewelry or what it is worth, bring it in to our offices! We can help you learn more about your jewelry and what it is worth. Each of our experts have been in the jewelry business for decades and we can give you top dollar for your jewelry while also educating you on what makes your jewelry valuable. Even if you don’t know yet if you want to sell your jewelry, our offices are a great place to go and learn more about the pieces that you have stashed away in your jewelry box! Call our hotline today: 305-934-1318 or use our contact form to get in touch!

Best Place to Sell Your Jewelry

Are you looking for the best jewelry buyers but cannot find who can offer you fair and higher prices?

If that's the case, look no further because, at Cashing Diamonds, we buy diamonds and jewelry pieces from everyone. After years in the market, we understand the high demand for reliable and trustworthy professional buyers, which is why we have established ourselves as one.

Being considered one of the most versatile jewelry buyers, you can sell loose diamonds or jewelry pieces encrusted with these precious gems. You can even sell jewelry pieces from your local store or any well-known timeless brand like Tiffany and Cartier. We accept jewelry of all types, from diamond engagement rings to bracelets and even diamond-encrusted watches.

Diamond buyers of all types

Whether your diamond is GA certified or not, we are buyers of jewelry of different types. So, if you need urgent cash or want to trade your old jewelry for a new one, do not hesitate and reach out to Cashing Diamonds. We will listen to your requirements, check the jewelry's condition, and offer a fair and just estimate.

Do you often worry about selling my jewelry?

If that's the case, come to Cashing Diamonds - the trusted jewelry buyer and consult with our experts. After checking the original purchase bill, they will provide you with the exact estimate. Therefore, you won't have to look here and there in the hope of getting someone onboard who can buy loose half-carat diamonds or an engagement ring with a whopping 3-carat old mine-cut diamond.

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Alex was extremely helpful and gave a thorough explanation. He was very respectful throughout the whole transaction. I am grateful to have finally found someone that I am comfortable with selling my jewelry. Thank you!

Jewelry Seller
Dasia G.

Alex was professional personal and knowledgeable. I recommend him among lots of other diamond appraisal in Miami.

Jewelry Seller
Beatrice D.

Alex was very prompt and honest. I am very pleased with my purchase. My Tiffany bracelet arrived the next day. Easy transaction, and I saved $$$Thank you!

Jewelry Seller
Holly R.

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