Jewelry Appraisal FAQs and Answers, Selling Made Easy

How long has it been since you opened your jewelry box?

Days, months, maybe years?

If there’s a fine layer of dust on top of your jewelry box, it’s probably time to clean it out. Maybe you have been holding on to a piece of jewelry for so long that you forgot why you’re keeping it in the first place. Maybe be short on cash and just need to find a way to get through the month.

No matter the reason, the first thing you should do is get an appraisal. Don’t even think about putting it on eBay or Amazon! You would be risking making much less money than if you went to a jeweler and sought an appraisal.

An expert is what you need and Cashing Diamonds is that expert! Our Broward location serves Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. We provide a luxury experience with expert appraisers who offer direct payments.

You’ve probably got a few questions if you’ve decided to sell your jewelry. If it’s a few pieces or a whole collection of estate jewelry, making the wrong choice could cost you. Even you don’t know where to start or are just unsure of the best way to handle it, keep reading. We compiled a list based on our decades of being in the jewelry buying business.

FAQs About Jewelry Appraisal

Listed here are the most common questions and answers regarding the appraisal and sale of your jewelry.

How much is an appraisal?

At Cashing Diamonds, we offer a free jewelry appraisal and offer. Our experts will review your items at no charge and give you a fair market appraisal followed by cash in hand!

Can I be there during the appraisal or do I have to drop it off and wait for an answer?

We require an appointment to be made so you can be there during your jewelry appraisal. This allows us to sit and talk with you about your needs and expectations regarding the sale of your piece or pieces. Having you there to discuss the item really helps us. You can provide information about the item being appraised which gives us a fuller picture.

How do I know if the appraiser is reputable?

The easiest way is to check their client reviews. Cashing Diamonds is 5-Star rated on Google! Word of mouth means a lot to us so we always do our best to make our clients happy.

Can I just have the stones in my jewelry identified without getting them appraised?

Of course! Our goal is to educate our clients as best as we can. This makes both of our lives easier. You can stop by anytime to have a stone identified. If we have the time available, we might also be able to a jewelry appraisal for you but it is best to make an appointment.

How long does it take for me to get paid after my jewelry is appraised?

When you come in for your appointment, we will sit down with you and review the items you have. If you approve the offer we make for your jewelry, we will pay you before you walk out the door!

How do I get paid for the jewelry I’ve sold?

We pay cash-in-hand right away! There is no waiting or checks involved.

Can I get an appraisal by describing my jewelry over the phone or sending pictures?

That is not possible. You have to come in after making an appointment. A verbal description or picture won’t tell us everything we need to know to estimate a value for your piece.

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