Buying Your Luxury Bags

Whether you find yourself in a financial pinch or you just want to cut down on the amount of bags that you have in your home, you should choose Cashing Diamonds for your luxury bag sale needs. We are happy to take all of your luxury bags at once and appraise them individually. Our clients come back to us time and time again for our friendly service and generous cash offers that give you some extra wiggle room come the end of the month. Get in touch with our knowledgeable staff today to get a fair and honest price for all of your luxury bags. Call our hotline today: 305-934-1318 or use our contact form to get in touch!

The World’s Top Brands

Handbags and purses are some of the hottest items in the fashion world and as such, they are often treated as commodities to be invested in. There are hundreds of luxury brands out there that are currently changing hands at ever-changing prices and it can certainly be hard to keep up with all of that. That’s why our experts keep tabs on the market and know at any given time what your luxury bags are worth. This enables us to make an up-to-date and accurate offer that gives you the best cash offer around. If you’re ready to downsize the collection or get some capital for new bags, call our office today to set up a consultation and appraisal. You won’t be disappointed. Call our hotline today: 305-934-1318 or use our contact form to get in touch!


Invest In Luxury

If you find yourself on the opposite side of things and wanting to buy some luxury bags to add to your collection and distinguish yourself from everyone else, we have a wide selection of luxury handbags that some would consider being the most comprehensive and valuable in the world. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the variety and quality that we offer at the prices that we provide to those looking to add a little luxury to their life. Call us today for a personal consultation and to get information on the current inventory. Call our hotline today: 305-934-1318 or use our contact form to get in touch!


My collection of handbags was getting a bit stale and I really wanted to spice things up. I was a little bit concerned that I wasn’t going to get a fair price but I took some of my collection in to Cashing Diamonds and was blown away at the cash offer I received. Used the proceeds to add some fresh inventory and never looked back!

Tal Lankri Customer


After receiving a substantial windfall from an inheritance, I wanted to treat myself. I called Cashing Diamonds to see what inventory they had for luxury bags and they set up a personal consultation for me. I came in and was treated like royalty and they allowed me to take my time in selecting some new bags for my wardrobe. Really happy with the quality of service that they offered me.

Anastasiya Ustinova Customer


I sold a Chanel bag that I had through Cashing Diamonds. The online process was fast and easy and I had a check in my account in less than 2 weeks. They are legitimate and they are willing to pay top dollar for luxury bags that are in good condition. No regrets!

evede santo Customer