High-End Handbag Appraisal

High-End Handbag Appraisal, Miami, FL | High-End Handbag Buyers

Luxury handbags are all the rage in the fashion world. From Hermes to Channel and all the luxury brands in between, high-end designer handbags are in a league of their own, and it is a very profitable league, to say the least. They are mostly produced in limited quantities, have the most stunning designs, and…

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Common Reasons to Sell Gold

Sell My Gold, Aventura, FL | Sell Gold | Gold Buyer Near Me

Gold is gold is gold. Whether it is in the form of fine jewelry, bullion, coin, or even teeth, it is still gold and that means it holds intrinsic value. This value cannot be taken away by the shape or form of your gold item because at the end of the day, you can melt…

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Tips for Diamond Care and Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Care, South Florida | Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

We all know the saying that “diamonds are forever”, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some TLC. Diamond care is not something that usually comes to mind when you buy a piece of diamond jewelry.  However, that sparkle and glitter that caught your attention will start to fade over time if not properly cared…

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Do This Before Selling Your Diamonds in Aventura

Diamond Buyer Aventura, FL | Diamond Buyer Near Me

Before you sell your diamonds to a diamond buyer in Aventura, thoroughly research each establishment. Unfortunately, not all diamond buyers are reputable; there are many scams and buyers who give the lowest offer for valuables.  The more you know, the less people will be able to take advantage of you.  We’ll share insights on how…

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Selling Gold and Silver for Cash in Boca Raton

Alex Checking Diamond

Gold and silver have been the standard for currency since the beginning of civilized society. Today is no different and selling gold or silver can put some serious “green” in your pocket. Maybe you received gold or silver from an inheritance and you’re not sure the best way to sell it.  Or you could be…

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Jewelry Appraisal FAQs and Answers, Selling Made Easy

How long has it been since you opened your jewelry box?  Days, months, maybe years?  If there’s a fine layer of dust on top of your jewelry box, it’s probably time to clean it out. Maybe you have been holding on to a piece of jewelry for so long that you forgot why you’re keeping…

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Tips When Selling Your Luxury Handbags

You may find yourself someday opening your closet and realizing you have more luxury handbags than you need. At the same time, you could use a few extra bucks to get through the month, and that’s where we come in.  Why not dust off some of those unused beautiful bags for some much-needed cash? Maybe…

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The 4Cs Of Diamonds And Other Diamond Facts

Diamond Buyer Aventura, FL | Diamond Buyer Near Me | Diamond Buyers

Cut Is The First And Most Important Of The 4Cs The most important of all diamond facts is without a good cut, nothing else matters in the 4Cs of diamonds. If cut poorly, a diamond will look glassy and dull. Its value is greatly determined by this rating. There are three factors that determine the…

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