Selling Antiques: Three Tips From The Pros!

The Maria Kondo method of decluttering your life has taken the country by storm. If you’re in the Spring-cleaning mood to make more space in your home, be careful with what you just throw away: some of the junk cluttering your storage space may be worth something. Antique china sets, furniture, jewelry, and other keepsakes may have a bigger price tag than you think. Don’t throw away money! If you find something valuable while clearing out your house, use these three pro tips for selling antiques in Aventura.

Pro Tip #1: Keep Collections Together

Did you find your that old fine china set passed down from your aunt that no one’s used since 1983? Or maybe your old binder of baseball cards you started as a kid? If you find anything that comes in sets, keep them all together. A full set is far more valuable to collectors than individual pieces. The same is true for antique furniture sets and jewelry. While you may be able to make a little money on individual sales, sets will likely turn much more of a profit. At Cashing Diamonds, we’re always interested in valuable antiques. As an estate buyer in Aventura, we are especially interested in antique jewelry including matching bracelet and necklace sets, diamond earrings, and rings. If you don’t have a full set, that’s okay, too—we can appraise and harvest diamonds from incomplete sets and offer you the highest value.

Pro Tip #2: Get an Appraisal

Attempting to sell antiques in Aventura without knowing your item’s value is ill-advised. If you want to ensure you get the highest payout for your antiques, get a professional appraisal like the ones offered at Cashing Diamonds. Specifically, get an appraisal for the retail value of your item—the amount it would sell for if you were selling it directly to an antique buyer. Keep this number in mind when you’re selling your antique items and try to get a deal as close as you can to that retail price.

Don’t be fooled by terms like ‘auction value’ or ‘insurance value’. These numbers get thrown around to try to get you to take a lower deal.

Pro Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

If you know your antique is worth more than the initial offer, don’t be afraid to haggle. It’s a part of the selling antiques in Aventura. Don’t let fear of being rude or insulting make you leave money on the table. If you know your antiques are worth more than you’re being offered and the buyer won’t budge, take them elsewhere. Unless you just want to get rid of them and you’re just willing to take anything, doing the extra footwork will pay off in the end. Form a realistic idea of what your minimum is based on your initial appraisal and stick to your guns!

Cashing Diamonds is a leading antique and jewelry buyer in Aventura, offering top dollar for your diamonds, gold, silver, and other jewelry. As estate buyers, they also accept antique furniture, vintage bags and accessories, and other valuables. Bring your items in to our Aventura location for a free, no-pressure appraisal. We’ll give you an honest evaluation of your goods, even if you don’t sell with us.For more information about our products and services, contact us today!

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