The 4Cs Of Diamonds And Other Diamond Facts

Cut Is The First And Most Important Of The 4Cs

The most important of all diamond facts is without a good cut, nothing else matters in the 4Cs of diamonds. If cut poorly, a diamond will look glassy and dull. Its value is greatly determined by this rating.

There are three factors that determine the cut of a diamond. Symmetry, Polish and Proportion.

Symmetry refers to the various facets of a diamond and how precisely they intersect and align. The polish is important because it shows off the outside finish and details in a diamond. The proportion of the size and angles of the cut and how they relate to each other are the third element of cut grading.

Diamond cut is rated as either poor, good, very good or excellent. Cut does not refer to the shape of the diamond either, it’s rating is based solely on its symmetry, polish, and proportions. Keep reading to learn more about how you can determine the value of your diamonds before selling your jewelry in Boca Raton, FL.

Color Is The Second Most Important Of The 4Cs

The Gemological Institute of America set the standard with a color chart to determine color quality. They have rated alphabetically from D to Z with D being the highest quality with no color or perfectly colorless. A rating of Z is the lowest and indicates the diamond has a brown or yellow tint.

The closer to D a diamond is rated makes it more rare and expensive. The absence of color truly affects this rating for the 4Cs of diamonds. Fancy-colored diamonds such as blue or pink are rated on a different scale so they still have some value to them. 

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Clarity Plays A Key Role For The 4Cs

Clarity is the third of the 4Cs of diamonds and is rated under 10x magnification. 

The total absence of any blemishes or flaws (known as inclusions) will earn your diamond a Flawless (FL) rating. Internal Flawless (IF) ratings are given if there are no inclusions. Barely perceptible inclusions under 10x magnification will get you a (VVS1 or VVS2) Very Very Slightly Included rating. Very Slight (Vs1 or VS2) diamonds have slightly perceptible inclusions. Slightly Included (S1 or S2) diamonds have perceptible inclusion under magnification. If transparency and brilliance are affected by obvious inclusions, your diamond will get the lowest rating of Included (I1, I2, or I3).

Carat Is The Last Of But Not Least Of The 4Cs Of Diamonds

Carat weight indicates the actual weight of a diamond. A 1-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams and is measured up to the hundredth decimal point. The larger a carat weight usually indicates a more rare and expensive diamond. This last element of the rating system leaves a lot of room for variance. Diamond value is based on all 4Cs of the diamond rating system so two diamonds of the same weight can have different values.

Here Are 7 More Fun Diamond Facts

Diamond Facts 1: Diamonds are the solid form of carbon. Its atoms are arranged in a crystal structure known as a diamond cubic.

Diamond Facts 2: The most popular cut of diamond is called a Brilliant Round Cut. Its timeless shape is standard for engagement rings.

Diamond Facts 3: Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth. The only thing that can scratch a diamond, is another diamond!

Diamond Facts 4: Diamonds were first discovered in India during the 4th century. They were exchanged along the Silk Road and valued mostly for their ability to engrave metal.

Diamond Facts 5: The first diamonds were created up to over 3 billion years ago.

Diamond Facts 6: The Kimberly Mine in South Africa was the location of the first large-scale mining operation. It was spurred on by the 1871 discovery of a 86.5-carat diamond found by Colesberg Kopje.

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