What Is the Best Level of Diamond Purity and How Does It Affect Its Value?

Diamonds are like snowflakes: no two are the same. These exquisite gems possess so many unique characteristics that finding two identical ones would be impossible. This is because each diamond carries its own distinct marks, naturally formed during its creation deep within the Earth's crust. These marks or impurities (both internal inclusions and external blemishes) are distinctive, much like fingerprints or moles on individuals.

What Is Diamond Purity?

The appearance of diamonds varies for numerous reasons. Whether you're shown a diamond so clear that you can see your reflection on its surface, or one filled with tiny specks reminiscent of the Milky Way, what you're observing is its purity. There are many features both inside and on the surface of a diamond that determine its purity. So, what is the best level of purity, and how is it defined? The answer is simple: the fewer impurities it has, the better.

Impurities are divided into inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are natural flaws located inside the diamond and can result from the intense conditions of pressure and temperature that the gem undergoes during its formation. Other inclusions occur because certain foreign materials become trapped inside the growing diamond.

Best Level of Diamond Purity and How Does It Affect Its Value

Examples of inclusions include crystals, feathers, dark carbon spots, and granules. On the other hand, imperfections that appear on the diamond's exterior are often signs of wear caused by human actions. Some of these are fractures, abrasions, and scratches. When gemologists grade a diamond's purity, they consider the size, type, quantity, and location of these impurities.

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