About Our Buying Services

When you decide that you’re ready to sell your diamond jewelry and other valuables, we will make the selling process private, secure, and safe. It’s important to us that you have a positive experience when working with us to sell your jewelry and other valuable items. Regardless of the reason for wanting to sell your diamonds and jewelry, we will be there to provide you with maximum price and minimum effort. Consider us your partners in providing you with a renewed outlook on life and a helpful influx of cold hard cash!

If you’re looking to sell your jewelry and other valuables, you should know that we don’t care what the condition, size, or appearance is. We are prepared to make you a cash offer right now to help you out and get you the cash that you need. We can increase your wealth, give you freedom, and give a loving home to your valuables. Whether you want to sell one item or several, we will be waiting here, cash in hand to help you get fair value for your items.

We will evaluate each item personally with our experienced staff of experts to determine fair value for them and give you a fair price for your prized belongings. Upon acceptance of our appraisal, you will receive cash immediately in the amount that we offer.

Call our hotline today: 305-934-1318 or use our contact form to get in touch!

How to Sell Your Possessions

We understand that it can be challenging to have to sell your possessions in more ways than one. If you’ve never been a part of a process like this, we can walk you through each step to make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire process and ensure that you get the most for your items. The process is fast and easy. You can arrange an appointment with one of our friendly staff, during which we will evaluate your jewelry and offer you a fair price. Upon completion of the deal, you will receive cash in hand immediately and you are good to go! Call us today to sell your jewelry quickly and at a fair price!

The Items we Purchase

To serve all of our clients’ needs, we offer a wide range of buying services that cover several different items. We can purchase anything from diamonds to gold to watches and antiques. Whatever you might want to sell, we are happy to take a look at. If you don’t see something that we buy that you want to sell, get in touch with us anyways and we can hopefully make a cash offer to acquire your valuables. We are your #1, go-to source for quick cash for your items. Call our hotline today: 305-934-1318 or use our contact form to get in touch!

Buy and Sell Antiques Online

Cashing Diamonds is happy to purchase engagement and wedding rings that contain authentic diamonds. We can appraise and verify your diamonds and make you a cash offer in the same day. Whether you are trying to recover from the pain of a marriage or get some quick cash in an emergency, we can purchase your old wedding ring at a fair price and pay in cash.

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Buy and Sell Rings Online

Wedding rings aren’t the only jewelry that we purchase. We also purchase all other types of jewelry of varying qualities and gems. If you haven’t cleaned out your jewelry box in decades, bring your jewelry to us! We’ll inspect each piece with care while also educating you about your own jewelry. It’s time to unload those old pieces of jewelry and finally go on the vacation that you deserve! Come see us today!

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Buy and Sell Gold and Silver Online

Do you have a family heirloom that has been sitting in a closet collecting dust for years? It might be worth some money! Whether you are just curious about your piece of family history or you want to unload it for some quick cash to take care of your family, we can help you out. Our trained eyes will be able to identify the value of your piece and our appraisers can make you a fair, cash offer right away. If all things go well, you’ll be walking out of our store with cash in your hand!

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